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Bird Control Perfection - The Bird Deterrent System Proven Totally Effective, Permanent, and Virtually Invisible!

Avian Flyaway’s Electric Bird Proofing is Simply the Best:
  • Great Aesthetics
  • Better Performance
  • Lower Cost
  • Engineered to Last

We are the original electric barrier company, our system is much more efficient by design.

We install and guarantee our bird control products nationwide. After years of experience, we know what works, and overtime, what will not.

Most electric barriers simply are not engineered with an understanding of how electricity works when exposed to the elements. Avian Flyaway’s bird deterrent system lasts year after year through Chicago winters and Phoenix summers.

Avian FlyAway’s "Air Insulated" product design continues working year after year. In contrast, arc prone plastic track and plastic tape systems are not economical long-term. Because track and tape systems are not air insulated and lie flat on a strip of plastic collecting dust, these designs require regular cleaning and maintenance contracts. In addition, the expected life cycle of track and tape systems may be limited to a few years. This is extremely important when installing an electric bird repellent using a man-lift, scaffolding, or ladder due to the clear fact that maintaining electric tape/track bird repellent systems overtime becomes cost prohibitive. In contrast, AFI's "Air Insulated" electric bird barrier is designed to be maintenance free with a much lower life cycle cost. The Avian FlyAway system is engineered to last decades without cleaning or maintenance.

Only Avian FlyAway's virtually invisible "Air Insulated" electric barrier system is engineered to last.

Non-Penetrating Fastener Update-Tested, Proven, Available Now!

It is finally here! Avian FlyAway rolls out non-penetrating insulator for Air Insulated electric barrier.

AFI has invented the NEW SHOCK-Wire GlueMaster Air Insulated electric bird barrier insulator; thus, rendering tracks, tapes, and strips totally obsolete in almost all situations!

The AFI design team is proud to announce that,"AFI now has a non-penetrating glue down insulator that outperforms by leaps and bounds any other non-penetrating electric barrier on the market. This is because it is the same high performing air insulated electric barrier system from Avian FlyAway using a new revolutionary glue lock insulator. The new SHOCK-Wire or SHOCK-Line GlueMaster electric bird barrier is installed clear/transparent using clear adhesive proven to last over 25 years!"

Avian FlyAway - Unmatched Experience - Unmatched Solutions!

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Historical Structures
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Thomas Jefferson Memorial
  • Florida State Capitol
  • California State Capitol
  • Old Red-UTMB Galveston
  • US Treasury Bldg Wash. DC
  • Heritage Hall - Vancouver
  • Littlefield House - Austin Texas

Healthcare, Government & University
  • Baylor Health Care TX
  • Methodist Health Care TX
  • Presbyterian Health Care TX
  • Mission Health Care NC
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center AZ
  • SMU Memorial Health Center
  • Phoenix Children's Hospital
  • St. Mary's Health Center
  • Laguna Honda Hospital CA
  • UT SW Medical Center
  • Stoney Brooke Univ Hospital NY
  • UT Medical Branch TX
  • Veteran's Admin Hospitals
  • Hermann Memorial Health TX
  • Maricopa County, Phoenix Arizona
  • Pima County, Tucson Arizona
  • Notre Dame University
  • George Bush Library College Station
  • City of Dallas, TX
  • City of Denver, CO
  • City of Winter Park, FL
  • City of Orlando, FL
  • Bexar County, TX
  • Dade County, FL
  • State of Florida
  • Indianapolis Federal Building
  • New Jersey Highway Authority
  • US Postal Service
  • Kyle Field TAMU College Station
  • Darrell Royal Stadium UT Austin
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • University of Houston
  • Rice University, Houston Texas
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of Miami
  • University of California
  • University of Arizona
  • Arizona State University
  • Pepperdine University, Malibu CA

  • Gables West Ave Retail
  • BFC Realty
  • Bank of America
  • Neiman-Marcus
  • Busch Gardens Tampa Florida
  • Comiskey Park (Chicago Whitesox)
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • JMB Property Management
  • Lincoln Properties Group
  • Northern Trust Houston
  • Texaco Houston, Texas
  • Hyatt, Inc. San Antonio
  • Marriott
  • Pitney Bowes, Inc.
  • Texas Utilities
  • Celanese Ticona
  • BASF
  • Occidental Petroleum
  • Huntsman Corp
  • LyondellBasell

Our bird control services and bird deterrent systems are trusted by highly respected organizations across America. We'll show you why!
Government and Municipal Bird Control

California State Capitol

Federal Treasury, Wash D.C.

Stillwell Subway Station, NY

Lincoln Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Wise County Courthouse, TX

Guggenheim Museum

Giralda Tower

The Wilson Bldg.

Educational Institutions

Texas A&M (Kyle Field)

SMU, Dallas

Notre Dame University

University of TX (Harry Ransom Ctr.)

University of TX (Galveston)

University of TX (Stadium)

Commercial Buildings

The Plaza - Kansas City

River Center - San Antonio

Northern Trust Bank

Historical Structures

Renwick Gallery

Interaudi Bank - New York

First Presbyterian - Dallas
Medical Facilities

SMU Memorial Health Center

St. Mary's Medical Center

Laguna Honda Hospital

UT SW Medical Center

UT Medical Branch - Galveston

Stony Brook University Hospital

"Avian FlyAway, America's Bird Control Experts!"

Why Avian FlyAway Inc, the #1 pigeon control system in the US?

#1 Pigeon Control and Bird Deterrent System

Ledges and parapets attract pigeons. Air Insulated electric barrier is a proprietary product that works best, lasts longer, and looks great, it is virtually invisible after 25 feet. Following is a brief about why Avian FlyAway OSHA certified installers, experienced avian control experts, and professional deterrent design is the best value in the bird proof business.

The Air Insulated Electric Barrier is behavior modification via a mild electrical shock proven safe and humane over several decades. This form of behavior modification is the most reliable avian deterring method. It is also considered one of the safest and humane for bird species because the mild pulsing impulse is proven harmless. This is in contrast to bird avicide poisons and sticky gels that are considered inhumane. Worth noting is that the mild electric shock is considered safer than nets that frequently entrap birds that get in but cannot get out, and spikes that frequently impale and injure many bird species.

AFI's Air Insulated electric Barrier is scalable to almost any installation application and fastens permanently with stainless steel screws. AFI now has a non-penetrating glue down insulator that outperforms by leaps and bounds any other non-penetrating electric barrier on the market. This is because it is the same high performing air insulated electric barrier system from Avian FlyAway using a new revolutionary glue lock insulator. The NEW SHOCK LINE - GlueMaster electric bird barrier is installed clear/transparent using a clear adhesive proven to last over 25 years!

AFI electric barriers are designed into the structure by professionals with decades of electric barrier experience. Unique knowledge of pigeon behavior is applied to the design. The system will work immediately and continue to successfully alter the bird’s behavior as long as it is plugged in to electricity. Thus, the Air Insulated Electric Barrier provides unmatched performance and design.

The Air Insulated Electric Barrier components are durable lasting at least 15 to 20 years or more in full sun and several decades in the shade. Thus, the solution lasts up to 3 times longer than any other electric barrier that lays flat collecting dust and other contaminants and requires cleaning. The Air Insulated Electric Barrier requires NO CLEANING.

The Air Insulated Electric Barrier looks great being transparent/clear and matching its surroundings. In addition, you may use connecting wires via the same Air Insulated invisible system, which makes it the only system on the market that may connect virtually invisibly across the face of the structure. Thus, aesthetics are great being both exceptional and unique. (AFI's Air Insulated electric bird barrier is virtually invisible from 25 feet)

The Air Insulated Electric Barrier is designed to provide decades of service, it is the only electric barrier that is designed and proven to last, really last, with no cleaning required.

Why is there no substitute for Avian FlyAway’s Air Insulated Electric Barrier?

Netting- Bird Control Netting will not treat protruding ledges or sunshades and the top of parapets. These are critical bird control architectural constants. Netting will not look that good in many instances because of netting shadow and the netting frame that bird control netting requires as a fastener. Netting does not offer behavior modification for the flock; it is merely a “blocking” barrier. Netting is good for blocking access from below metal beam roofs and awnings, unfortunately it also may block access to workers and destroy a nice view. AFI uses netting sparingly because it is seldom the most efficient solution.

Spikes- Bird Control Spikes do not work in most situations and are extremely ugly. Any company that offers spikes as a real professional solution in almost all situations is probably not a bird control expert. Bird Control Spikes are typically sold by rat chasers and bug busters moonlighting in the bird control business. These businesses purchase these bird spikes from do it yourself stores and install them in a non-permanent fashion. Eventually, they fall down becoming a safety hazard and may not work well for much longer than a few months because pigeons will build nests on top and around them.

Barrier tracks- Barrier tracks, strips, and tapes must be cleaned or they will short out. That is just how electricity, dirt, and humidity works. Just like windows after a dust storm, barrier tracks, tapes, and strips collect dust, pollution, and humidity, and if not cleaned regularly may stop working. AFI will mostly discontinue use of strips, tracks, and tapes because they are too high maintenance, costly, and inefficient. AFI has invented the NEW SHOCK LINE-GlueMaster Air Insulated electric bird barrier insulator; thus, rendoring tracks, tapes, and strips totally obsolete!

Thus, companies that are not really in the “guaranteed results” bird business may offer solutions, yet they are frequently not really solutions. Avian FlyAway guarantees results nationwide and has been doing so for over 27 years.

There is no substitute for Avian FlyAway Inc.

There is no other bird control service or system on the market that can match Avian FlyAway’s professional design, installation, and product durability, aesthetics, and results with hundreds of installations and years of experience backing up our nationwide guarantee. The Air Insulated Electric Barrier is a proprietary product with proprietary design. Thus, there is no substitute in product or professional service.

Okay the Air Insulated electric barrier is best with a lifetime cost much lower than any other product, buy why should I choose Avian FlyAway design and installation services?

Proven products thru proven providers save you time and money. Expert bird control that looks great, works really works, lasts a long time, and is proven to work in all situations is a highly specialized service. Applying the resources and time to procure a bird control system that may not work, looks unprofessional, is short lived, and installed by workers not familiar with the necessary safety precautions and regulations is not in the interests of any professional organization. Avian FlyAway, Inc. gets you what you want, the best solution at the right price. In other words AFI is an efficient use of your professional time and resources, and is thus, a good fit for your professional image. It is clear, Avian FlyAway allows any organization concerned about their professional image to deliver the perfect bird control solution to employees, clients, and visitors.

Avian FlyAway - The Proven Experts!

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